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Angela Funovits

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Angela Funovits (born on July 29, 1987) is an American Magician, Mentalist and medical student. She is best known in the US for her performances on NBC’s Phenomenon.

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Early life

Funovits was born and raised in Avon Lake, Ohio. She became interested in magic at the age of 10 after watching Breaking the Magician's Code: Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed, a TV program on the FOX network that revealed the secrets of magicians.[1] Funovits began modeling at age 11 and won the Miss Teen Cleveland pageant at age 16.[2] She graduated from Avon Lake High School in 2005 and entered the combined B.S./M.D. program at NEOUCOM, later forming a program where magicians teach magic tricks to children at a cancer support center in Cleveland. [3]


In October and November 2007, Funovits was the only female of ten mentalist contestants on the primetime NBC series Phenomenon, which was hosted by Tim Vincent and judged by Criss Angel and Uri Geller.[4] She finished as first runner-up on the series, after performing dangerous demonstrations of mentalism involving chain saws, knives, and fire. Funovits represented the USA in the live German TV special “Die besten Mentalisten der Welt” on ProSieben. The special was an addition to the German series “The Next Uri Geller - Unglaubliche Phänomene live”. It featured Funovits (USA), Vincent Raven (Germany), Aaron Crow (Netherlands), and Lior Suchard (Israel).[5] Funovits has also starred in W-1, a Japanese TV special on the Fuji Television Network alongside Japanese magician Mr. Maric. [6]

Funovits was a featured guest on Germany’s Johannes B. Kerner Show[7], and on the late-night syndicated radio talk show Coast to Coast AM, which frequently deals with topics of the paranormal.


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Angela Funovits

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